Welcome to Nerdcandy-Audio!

Nerdcandy-Audio is your professional contact for work in the field of audio engineering and music production in Berlin.


Based on our long lasting professional experience and a creative network, we offer you high-quality results in the following domains:


- music production

- mixing

- mastering

- advertisement music & jingles

- creating remixes


Our field of activity is very diversified. We serve clients with various backgrounds like hip-hop, techno, folk, pop, theater, film, internet-TV and advertisement (see references).


We work with the most up-to-date digital and high-grade analog equipment. By exchanging audio files on-line we can swiftly and cost-efficiently  respond to our customer's needs.


Find our contact details here.


Have a good time on www.nerdcandy-audio.com - we thank you very much for visiting our website!