The man behind Nerdcandy-Audio:

Tobias  "Alloinyx"  Hünig


Tobi studied audio engineering in Berlin. Germany's capital is also where he got his first professional experiences mostly in the local hip-hop scene in the mid-2000s. Amongst other projects he was deeply involved in the production of the very successful documentary Rap City Berlin DVD II and worked with several Berlin based rap artists such as Prinz Pi.


Since 2009 Tobi is actively producing electronic music under his pseudonym Alloinyx. However, he also works across all genres as an independent audio engineer and music producer, skilled on various musical instruments. His clientele includes musicians, labels, artistic venues and media companies from various realms. In 2020/2021 he recorded, mixed and mastered his first top 10 album (PTK - Kreuzberg & Gomorrha). Beyond that, he organizes workshops for teenagers from Berlin who want to learn about music production and helps them to implement their musical ideas.


You can get in touch with Tobi here.

Freelance collaborators


Nerdcandy-Audio acts in concert with a tight network of experienced freelancers.


This network includes not only music producers but also professionals from the fields of film and video production, event management, animation and graphic design that Tobi can bring in should a project require it.